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Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Distributed RDO Teams

Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Distributed RDO Teams

While a lot of RDO contributors are remote, there are many more who are not and now find themselves in lock down or working from home due to the coronavirus. A few members of the RDO community requested tips, tricks, and best practices for working on and managing a...

Community Blog Round Up 17 March 2020

Oddbit writes two incredible articles – one about configuring passwordless consoles for raspberry pi and another about configuring open vswitch with nmcli while Carlos Camacho publishes Emilien Macchi’s deep dive demo on containerized deployment sans...

Migration Paths for RDO From CentOS 7 to 8

In last CentOS Dojo, it was asked if RDO would provide python3 packages for OpenStack Ussuri on CentOS7 and if it would be “possible” in the context of helping in the upgrade path from Train to Ussuri. As “possible” is a vague term and I think...

Community Blog Round Up 20 January 2020

We’re super chuffed to see another THREE posts from our illustrious community – Adam Young talks about api port failure and speed bumps while Lars explores literate programming. Shift on Stack: api_port failure by Adam Young I finally got a right-sized...

Community Blog Round Up 06 January 2020

Welcome to the new DECADE! It was super awesome to run the blog script and see not one, not two, but THREE new articles by the amazing Adam Young who tinkered with Keystone, TripleO, and containers over the break. And while Lars only wrote one article, it’s the...

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