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imapautofiler 1.8.1

imapautofiler applies user-defined rules to automatically organize messages on an IMAP server. What’s new in 1.8.1? Fix comparison with TZ aware datetime in TimeLimit rule (contributed by Nicolas Le Manchet)

Community Blog Round Up 13 August 2019

Making Host and OpenStack iSCSI devices play nice together by geguileo OpenStack services assume that they are the sole owners of the iSCSI connections to the iSCSI portal-targets generated by the Cinder driver, and that is fine 98% of the time, but what happens when...

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.5.0

sphinxcontrib.datatemplates is an extension for Sphinx to render parts of reStructuredText pages from data files in formats like JSON, YAML, XML, and CSV. What’s new in 0.5.0? Add domain for Python Modules (contributed by Jan Brohl) Use default template manager...

New PyMOTW site logo

Last week Nils-Hero Lindemann contacted me with some icons to spruce up the PyMOTW site. I love the look and the thought that went into the design. “The four squares symbolize the modules and the white square is the current module, the ‘module of the...

Dependencies between Python Standard Library modules

Glyph’s post about a “kernel python” from the 13th based on Amber’s presentation at PyCon made me start thinking about how minimal standard library could really be. Christian had previously started by nibbling around the edges, considering...

sphinxcontrib.sqltable 2.0.0

sphinxcontrib-sqltable is a Sphinx extension for embedding database contents in documents What’s new in 2.0.0? drop python 2 support fix documentation build fix flake8 errors add tox and travis config

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